Ambes LS

Specially designed​​​​ system for automotive lighting control.


Specially designe​​​​d system for automotive lighting control.

Ambes LS

Specially designed​​​​ system for automotive lighting control.



Applicable in various environments & vehicle classes


Easy to add new light driver modules

Reduced wiring

Minimizes cabling of individual load units

Using CAN Bus

Simple control structure, reduced wires, high reliability and maintainability. 

Easy Installation

Installation time and cabling are drastically reduced

Energy Saving

Energy saving through using energy efficient LEDs


Ambes LS (ALS) is a specially designed system for automotive lighting control. ALS is a decentralized solution that directly connects to the CAN BUS.

This approach dramatically minimizes cabling of individual load units, thus the installation time of the entire lighting system is drastically reduced.

Comparing to the traditional control mode which is point-to-point style, the network control system using CAN bus has some obvious advantages such as the simple control structure, reduced wires, and easy installation. Moreover, this type of network control system brings about high reliability and maintainability. Most important, Ambes LS is a highly customizable solution, applicable in various environments,  such as oldtimers or special purpose vehicles.

How it works?

Ambes LS is composed of the central control unit and one or more driving modules for car lights:

  • FLM – Front Light Module,
  • RLM – Rear Light Module,
  • ALM – Auxiliary Light Module.

The central control unit collects the switch information and sends the switching commands to the driving modules via CAN bus. Accordingly, the driving modules drive the car lights after receiving the CAN messages containing the switching commands.


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